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Healthy Living

We are privileged to hike and run the rolling hills that change from green to gold each fall, to swim and fish in sky blue lakes, to chat with the farmers who grow the vegetables we put on the table. We want you to preserve and enjoy your healthy lifestyle for as long as possible. Join us in exploring the people and the world all around us.

Chronic Conditions

You’ve been to the doctor for the diagnosis and treatment, but now what? Where can you meet and get support from other people with the same chronic condition, who understand the challenges you face in living life every day? How do you move forward, living the healthiest life possible?.

Seeking Support

Life can certainly throw us all a curve ball at times. Whether it’s an unexpected illness or injury or a disruption to our work or home life. Rural communities are known for being there when their neighbors need them the most. Sometimes, we just aren’t sure where to start. We have begun to collect information on all these services in one place.

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