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About Finger Lakes Rural Health Network

The Finger Lakes Rural Health Network offers an abundance of online health resources for individuals in New York State searching for reliable and informative healthcare information. As an expansive network of healthcare organizations, community partners, and individuals passionate about improving health outcomes in the Finger Lakes region, we strive to provide valuable resources, support, and collaboration opportunities. Our goal is to empower our community through accessible and reliable online health resources that support better health and well-being.

Our History

The mission of the Finger Lakes Rural Health Network (FLRHN) is to positively impact the health of the communities we serve, with a particular focus on assisting these communities to achieve the goals of the NYS DOH Prevention Agenda, State Health Innovation Plan, & Population Health Improvement Program.

The Finger Lakes Rural Health Network grant, funded by the NYS Office of Rural Health, provides us the opportunity to:

  • Improve patient access to and engagement in chronic disease programming by transitioning promotion, enrollment, and programming to a web-based platform
  • Identify and fill gaps in programming – particularly in mental health, substance abuse, and social determinants of health such as food, housing, and transportation
  • Raise awareness of cancer risk factors, screening options, and provide access to supportive resources

A variety of local health organizations came together to form the Finger Lakes Rural Health Network (FLRHN).

Center for Community Health & Prevention

Service Map

Our service map spans just over 7,00 square miles and eight hospital systems.


Jones Memorial Hospital, Noyes Memorial Hospital, FF Thompson Hospital, St. James Hospital, Highland Hospital, Strong Memorial Hospital, Center for Community Health & Prevention, Accountable Health Partners, Geneva General Hospital, and Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital.


*Program Contact:
Executive Director, FLRHN: Stephanie Darrow, MPH

Board Members

  • Michele Lawrence, MBA MPH – Strong Memorial Hospital
  • Irene Doktor, MBA – Center for Community Health and Prevention
  • Wendy Disbrow, MBA, RN – St. James Hospital
  • Tara Coffey – Nicholas H. Noyes Memorial Hospital
  • Angelique Cohen, MD, MBA – Accountable Health Partners
  • Brena Szabo, DPT – Jones Memorial Hospital
  • Lara Turbide, MS – Finger Lakes Health

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Business Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday: Closed