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Living with Diabetes

General Information

Over 122 million people in the United States are living with diabetes or are prediabetic. Diabetes is a long-lasting disease that affects the way your body transfers food into energy. The three main types of diabetes are: Type 1: An autoimmune reaction prevents your body from producing insulin. Type 2: Your body has difficulty retaining insulin and struggles with maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Gestational Diabetes: Effects pregnant women who have never been diagnosed with diabetes. Gestational Diabetes can lead to type 2 diabetes later in life for the mother and child.


Finger Lakes Rural Health Network offers distance ZOOM courses and provides information on an array of topics, including diabetes.


We host a range of events to benefit our community’s health.

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Local Education and Support Groups

Effective diabetes management requires a team approach, starting with you as the most important member!  Your Provider, Diabetes Care and Education Specialists and diabetes support groups can provide a variety of tools, education, and support to help you manage your diabetes.  For more information about local education and support groups near you,  use the below contacts

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